Treatment for an Abundant Life

Treatment for an Abundant Life
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

There is one power in the Universe. This Power is God, Universal Spirit. It is the substance of all things. It is Love, Light, Health, Abundance, Prosperity, Beauty, Creativity. It is omnipresent, eternal, omnipotent. As the Law, this power reacts to my intention and my word. I am made of this power.  As the Christ used it, I may use it. As an expression of my belief, I do use it. I affirm that this power operates through me as perfect health and well-being, as abundance, and as creativity.

As perfect health, it dissolves all pain, for it is the expression of perfection. In using this power, I am pain-free. Every cell in my body works perfectly and in harmony with every other cell. As abundance, this power expresses in my life as an abundant flow of money. I have plenty of money to meet all of my obligations and desires. It allows me to live the life I desire, surrounded by beautiful things, having wonderful experiences, with plenty of money to give to benefit others – to allow me to express the law of circulation in a significant way. Any money I owe is now paid. I give generously. As creativity I allow myself to be used as Spirit desires, as I fully express my talents and my love. I express myself freely and joyfully. My life is abundant and my desires are fulfilled.

I give thanks for the most abundant life I have always had, for I have always been taken care of lavishly. I give thanks to Spiritual Living for its teaching of Love and Law.

I release my words to the substance of the Universe, knowing they return to me fulfilled.

And so it is. Amen.