Treatment for Compassion

Treatment for Compassion
by Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

There is One infinite Divine Present; One Holy Spirit, called many names but always only One. This One is in, through and around everything that exists—the truth of being of all. I am completely and totally one with this Presence and so are all others. Every person is one with the Divine, for it is the truth of each one.

From this Oneness, everything is given. All requests are answered; all needs fulfilled. I now speak my work for compassion for each one; that each person now receives and gives compassion to all others. All actions are based on this compassionate awareness. Knowing that this compassion always comes from the Divinity within, I declare that I am a compassionate being and all others are also beings of compassion. Each one is guided to change any beliefs and actions that have been contrary to this truth and to act in a compassionate manner in everything that occurs. No matter what difficulty occurs in the lives of these individuals and of myself, I affirm that the first response comes from the compassionate One within. All anger, fear and judgments are released and Divine Love comes forth and is expressed in each one’s life in caring ways. All problems are solved as this love and understanding are now accepted.

I give thanks for these divine gifts and for this guidance; for the expression of compassion in every thing that occurs. With complete gratitude, I accept and know that this gift is given in every situation.

I now release this to the Divine creative energy that brings forth everything, knowing that it is completed and done now in the mind of God and comes forth in the highest and best way in every instance. I now let go and let this be.

And so it is.