Treatment for Confidence, Divine Guidance, and the Perfect Job

Treatment for Confidence, Divine Guidance, and the Perfect Job
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Divine Spirit is the only true Reality. It is Goodness, Power, Strength, Creativity, Health and Well-Being, Abundance and Prosperity, Wholeness and Oneness. It is at the Center of my being. I am one with it. I am It and It is me. It expresses as me, in me, and through me. With it I am confident and unafraid, for I know it provides all I need.

Just as this is true for me, this is true for all who read these words. Every person who accepts this prayer is surrounded by Divine Spirit, and It expresses in, through and as them.  I call upon the gifts of Spirit to come to the forefront for all and to be expressed in their life. I declare and see for each person a deep wellspring of confidence backed by their oneness with Spirit, expressing as they open themselves to the perfect job to reveal itself. They are guided in their search, and their search is simply the revelation of the job that is waiting for them, calling to them. It is a job in which they express their gifts and talents, for which they are appreciated, and which pays them well. From this day forward there are no worries about money as they know they are divinely provided for.

I also affirm and declare for all their acceptance of, appreciation for, and recognition of their Wholeness. Who they are is perfect, whole, and complete. They are a gift to the world, and the world appreciates them. As they express their divine selves, they are appreciated and recognized as the competent and creative person they are, and they are valued and paid well for their work. They also use their spiritual knowledge and depth to bless their workplace and to bring light and goodness to their work surroundings.

I declare for all their knowledge and deep understanding that where they are at the moment is where they are supposed to be to express their talents and gifts to the world.

I give thanks for all persons, for all of their work, for the spiritual understanding and maturity that expresses in who they are, for their talents. I give thanks for the Law into which I speak these words, knowing that they are taken and returned in the timeless present for all person’s good. I release these words now in full confidence of their fulfillment.

And so it is. Amen.