Treatment for Divine Guidance, Divine Right Action, Divine Resolution

Treatment for Divine Guidance, Divine Right Action, Divine Resolution
by Marjorie Larragoite, Practitioner Emeritus

There is One Presence, One Power, One Spirit, One Mind. This One is God, the divinity that is in, through and around all that exists. This One lives within every being and expresses as each one. It is Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Health, Wholeness, Well being, All Good, The Creator of all.

I am one with this Divine Presence. It is within me and expresses as me, my truth of being. And this is also the truth of every one who is seeking guidance, right action, and resolution of any difficulty or problem. It is the being-ness of all individuals who find themselves in this situation, seeking solutions to any and all needs.

I declare right now that each of these individuals is now and always divinely guided. That Presence that we call God or Spirit gives each one direction and leads each person in what they are to do to bring about the change that is sought. This Presence also takes each one into the action that is best in this occasion, the divine right action. And provides the perfect solution for whatever is happening, for each difficulty that is occurring. Divine resolution now comes forth to each individual and there is the perfect answer for whatever is happening.

Therefore, I accept these gifts and give thanks that this is done perfectly and wonderfully. And with total and complete gratitude, I know that this is now received and is taking place right now.

I release this to Infinite Divine Mind to create and bring this forth in the highest and best way, knowing that as these words were written, it has already been done in the mind of God. I turn this over to Spirit, letting go and letting it be.

And so it is and so I let it be.