Treatment for Having My Heart’s Desire

Treatment for Having My Heart’s Desire
by Marilyn O”Leary, RScP

Treatment for having my heart’s desire (State your heart’s desire here with specificity of what it is. Do not worry about how it will be manifested.)

Divine Spirit is all there is. It is the be all and the end all. It is the Alpha and Omega. It is the meaning, the source, the motivation of life. It is Love, eternal and everlasting Love. It is omnipresent, all-knowing, and eternal. It is the satisfaction of all desires that come from Spirit. It answers its own call.

I am one with Spirit. I am of it. It is in me. It acts through me. Every desire I have is already answered. God, being in me, knows me, knows my heart’s desire, knows what my Spirit needs, what my soul wants. My prayer is answered.

I affirm that any perceived obstacle that stands in the way of my desire is overcome with ease. I know that the attainment of desire is an inside job of acceptance. I easily and effortlessly release anything that stands in the way. If my desire is for peace, I release all fear and mindless chatter. If it is self-acceptance, I release all self-criticism and all criticism of others. If it is for faith, I release doubt and practice belief. If it is for confidence, I release any past issues and live in the present, I act confident, I am confident. If it is for manifestation of a good, I accept it now and release or transform all obstacles.

I declare all obstacles in the way of my heart’s desire are overcome with the guidance of Spirit. I anticipate them, and I do not let them steer me off-course. I affirm there is no obstacle that can stand in the way of my heart’s desire. I know I deserve it, I am worthy of it, I already have it, it is mine!

I give thanks to the Law which brings my desire to manifestation. I give thanks for all desires that are an expansion of Spirit. I know my word comes back to me fulfilled.

I release these words to the Universe, knowing that my heart’s desire is mine now.

And so it is.