Treatment for Justice and Peace

Treatment for Justice and Peace
by Marilyn C. O’Leary RScP

The Divine Everlasting Spirit I name God is everywhere.  It is the real Presence that animates the world.  It has no beginning, it has no end. It is Power, Creativity, Love, Justice and Peace. It is One, and all exist within it as One, and all are connected in the One.

God expresses in me, through me, and as me as power, creativity, love, justice and peace. I am instilled with the fire of divine creativity to express God acting through me as I use my talents. And I can see as I express my talents a world that is just and peaceful, for I know that there is no peace without justice. As it is done to the least of us, it is done to Christ, and the Christ in us knows what must be done.

As I pray to the God in me, I am inspired to know what it is that I am to do to bring into being a world that works for everyone, a world where everyone has shelter, food, love, justice and peace. With divine inspiration I understand my role, how Spirit wishes to work through me, to bring that world to fruition. It means that I understand my oneness with all beings, I express my God-given talents, I act in the way that only I can to do my part to bring about a just and peaceful world. I can see it , and working with all others, I can help reveal its existence now.

I give thanks for this world of abundance, bounty, love, cooperation, power, justice and peace that works for everyone. I give thanks for all who read these words and accept them as their own. I release these words knowing that they have power, that it is done. Amen