Treatment for Keeping One’s Promises and Commitments to Oneself

Treatment for Keeping One’s Promises and Commitments to Oneself
by Marjorie Larragoite, Practitioner Emeritus

I shall keep the promise that I have made to myself.  I shall never again tell myself that I am poor, sick, weak nor unhappy….”   
Holmes, Ernest, The Science of Mind,  p. 517, Meditation 2

“My lifetime commitment to God is a commitment to being my best.”
Zuck, Colleen; Wright, Janie and Meyer, Elaine, Daily Word for Healing, Blessing your life with Messages of Hope and Renewal, p. 158   

“My dependability comes from the dependability of God within me.” 
Curtis, Donald, 40 Steps to Self Mastery, p. 31

There is One Presence, the Spirit Divine that lives within all that exists.  It is that Presence that is always available to each person in their daily existence and which is the great Creator of everything that is.  This is the God within, the Spirit that is the Truth of being of each one

I am one with this Presence, this Power that brings everything into being.  It is my Truth, within me; my guiding Light, my absolute existence.  What is true for me is also true for all others who are seeking help and guidance in keeping their promises and commitments made to themselves.

I now declare that this Presence gives me and each person who desires this, the guidance and strength to keep the promises made to ourselves.  God within guides each one in choosing those things that are right and then “sticking with them” in order to live up to these commitments and to be absolutely dependable in achieving this commitment and living up to each promise.  God in each one is the guiding Light, the Power and Strength to do whatever has been decided.  It then comes forth perfectly and completely.

I am grateful for this guidance, this action which brings forth in every person the determination and ability to keep commitments, to live up to promises, to be absolutely dependable for themselves in every way.  I am thankful for the Great Creator in now bringing this forth.

I now release this to the Divine Action of God and know that it is brought forth in the very highest and best way possible.  I let this go, I let it be and I declare it done!