Treatment for Kerry Blecha for Perfect Health

Kerry Blecha, RScP

Treatment for Kerry Blecha for Perfect Health
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is all there is, Infinite, Omnipresent, Eternal.

God is Love, Joy, Wholeness, the perfection behind every appearance of imperfection.

I am one with Spirit. It is in me, as me, and through me. I am of God, God is expressed through me. I am one with all beings, with all nature, through God. I am connected to all beings, and all beings are connected to each other through God.

I affirm this truth for Kerry. Divine Spirit expresses in him, through him, and as him. There is the truth of wholeness in Kerry which is the expression of Spirit, of Love, of Health. I declare that Kerry’s health is perfect now. Especially his colon. Kerry’s colon is free from all things unlike itself. There is nothing in his colon detrimental to him. His colon works perfectly, is perfect, is perfection, is healthy. I affirm that anything unlike perfection now falls away from Kerry, and he is well. I affirm that all of the health care providers who work with Kerry are healers, each one is divinely guided, each doctor, nurse and other helper is guided to do exactly what Kerry needs to restore his appearance to the reality of perfection and wholeness that exists. I affirm for Kerry a quick and easy recovery from surgery, and a restoration of his body, every organ, every system, to perfect health. In Kerry’s body and soul, love calls to love and all is wholeness.

I give great thanks for Kerry, for all he brings to the world, for his presence. I give thanks for the Spirit, the Law, and manifestation of this good.

I release my word to the Universal Law, knowing that it will return to me, it is now, fulfilled. And so it is.