Treatment for Lavish Abundance

Treatment for Lavish Abundance
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is all there is. God is manifested in its omnipotence, its everlastingness, its omnipresence, its abundance. God is in us, acts through us, and acts as us. It is in our creativity, ideas, energy. The abundance of the universe is obvious for us to see in Nature, the blades of grass, the grains of sand on the beach, the drops of water in the oceans, the number of beings on the earth. This abundance is not just enough, it is lavish.

I am grateful for the abundance in my life, for the delicious food that is always available, the unfailing shelter that keeps me comfortable, the clothes I have, the car I drive, the clean water I drink and bathe in. I am grateful for the love in my life that shows itself in connection with others, in caring, friendship. I’m grateful for the animals, the plants, for the beauty of nature and in the expression of art and artistic expression all around.

Above all I am grateful that I have always had everything I need and more. I affirm that God’s abundance has always fulfilled my every need and that it is always available to me and expressing in my life. It is so now, it always was and it always will be here for me.

Just as this is true for me, I affirm the same lavish abundance for the Rio Grande Center of Spiritual Living. This Center, which brings so many blessings to the world through its people and its work, is abundant. It has always received all the money it has ever needed, so that it always has continued its work without a break in service. Members and non-members alike step up to answer the request for funds to keep it flourishing. Grants, gifts, grace, now rain down upon the RGCSL answering its every need and desire. It receives all it needs and more. It is abundant. It is prosperous.

I also affirm for those generous souls who contribute to RGCSL that their gifts flow back to them in expected and unexpected abundance, from expected and unexpected sources. I affirm the people who contribute their service and talents and treasure to the Center are blessed with the peace of knowing that all is in the hands of Divine Spirit, all is well, and abundance is everywhere.

We pray, we act, we receive, and we give. All is well. And so it is, amen.