Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

Treatment for Making Good Choices

Treatment for Making Good Choices
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is all there is. God is Love, Peace, Guidance, Health, Joy, Infinite Possibility, Right Action.

I am one with God. As God is, I am. God acts in, through, and as me.

As I live my life, my intention is to make choices that benefit me and those with whom I come into contact. I do that by being aware of the effect of my choices through meditation and prayer and listening to my heart. I am divinely guided as I make the choices in my life. Although there may be choices in my past life that I made before I was aware of the effect of these choices on myself and others, I claim that to the best of my ability I will make thoughtful and beneficial choices. As for any past choices I have made that have not been beneficial, I will learn from them, transform them to something positive, and release them. I also know that things happen in my life that I do not consciously choose. I don’t know why these unfortunate events come into my life, but I declare that I shall not use them to criticize myself. Rather, I shall use them to learn from, to transform into something better for me and others. I can transcend such events through meditation, awareness, making amends if appropriate, and eschewing any behavior that might have brought it into my life. I affirm the important role of meditation in making good choices and in transcending karma, and I commit to continue to meditate daily and ask Spirit’s help in this.

I give thanks for the knowledge about aware choicemaking and karma that has come into my life. I give thanks for Deepak Chopra, his writings, his modeling, and this class. I give thanks for the Rio Grande Center and its support.

I release my word to the law, knowing that it returns to me fulfilled.

And so it is.