Treatment for our Children

Treatment for our Children
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

My dear child,

I know you are on your own path. You came through me but you are not mine. I know the best thing I can do for you is to know that you are divinely guided and to see you as the perfect being that you are. This is my prayer treatment for you.

There is a goodness, a motivating  force, a warmth of love, that fills the universe. I call that force Spirit, or God. It is everywhere.

I am one with Spirit. It acts in, through and as me. It is Peace, Love, Freedom, Health, Abundance, Creativity, Beauty, Joy, Delight. Because I am one with Spirit, I experience and express these wonderful Principles. I embody them.

As this is true for me, it is true for my children. They are one with Spirit. These Principles that I embody are in them. All of the Good in life is theirs for the asking. I affirm their openness to receive this good.  They are free, free to pursue their blessed lives. They are joy filled. They are creative and delight in the expression of their talents. They express their true selves. They give and receive love. They know they are loved. They are healthy. Every cell in their body is in perfect order. They feel good and experience radiant health. They are at peace  experiencing  oneness. All this, true for me, is true for them. I know it. They are divinely  guided. I entrust them to Spirit, knowing they are divinely protected. All is well with them.

I give thanks for my beloved children, for the Spirit that guides and sustains them, for the power of my word.

I release my word, knowing that it is creative, and it comes back fulfilled. I am at Peace.

And so it is.