Treatment for Right Decisions in All Situations

Treatment for Right Decisions in All Situations
by Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

“We are guided daily by Divine Intelligence…”  Holmes, Ernest, The Science of Mind, p. 331.4

” I am One with Perfect Action.  Everything that I do, say or think is quickened into action through this right understanding and this correct knowing.”  Holmes, Ernest, The Science of Mind, p. 525.1

“The way is made clear before me;…”  Holmes, Ernest, The Science of Mind, p. 527.4

There is One Presence, One Power, One Spirit, One Mind.  That One is God, the Divinity that is in, through, and around all that is.  That one lives in, through and around all that exists. 

I am one with this Divine Presence that I call God, Spirit, Divine Presence, Great Power, the Spirit that is my truth of being.  I am totally connected with this Infinite Presence, that guides me in every moment in all that I do.  

This is also the truth of all those who are in the process of making right decisions in any and all situations in their lives at this time.  Each one is guided to know what is the highest and best to do in everything that comes about.  I affirm that each one knows what to do and accepts this guidance before taking any action and then moves forth to do what is right and good and will bring the perfect answer to any difficulty and the solution that is best in every case.  Divine Resolution of any and all problems now occurs.  

So I accept these gifts now:  divine guidance, divine right action and divine resolution in everything that happens.  These gifts are already prepared in the Mind of God and now come forth in the highest and best way.

I give thanks for this perfect action of Divine Presence in any and all situation needing guidance, action and awareness of the perfect way.  I am so grateful for this wonderful gift and its acceptance by me and by any person who wants and accepts it now.

I release this to God, to that Infinite Divine Presence that brings forth everything into my life and the lives of all others.  I release, I left it go, I let it be.