Treatment for Unity

Treatment for Unity
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Today I focus on unity. Divine Spirit is One. I am one with It. Through It, we are all connected as one. I recognize the divinity in me as Power, Joy, Abundance, Love, Justice, Equality, Oneness. It is in everyone. Those who recognize it can use it intentionally, powerfully.

I affirm that I keep in my heart today the recognition of my oneness with Spirit. It is in me, it acts through me, it joins me with all others. As a result I am powerful.  The power of my word helps me co-create with Spirit-in-me. It gives me the power of one, of my intention, to bring it forth.

I affirm Justice, Equality, Peace. I affirm Divine Guidance to help me clear all that is not God from my mind, and see God in all things. I affirm guidance to tell me when and how to take action. I know I have the power of Spirit.

I give thanks for Oneness, for Unity, for the Divine. I give thanks for Love and Law working for good.

I release my word, knowing it must return fulfilled. And it is so. Amen