Treatment to Affirm Love and Goodness

Treatment to Affirm Love and Goodness
by Marilyn O”Leary, RScP

The divine force that loves, creates, and sustains all life is omnipotent, omnipresent, and eternal. It IS Love. It is the source of all good, of abundance and prosperity, of health , wellness and healing, of creativity, of power, of joy, of self-expression, of compassion, kindness and love.

I am one with this divine source. It is in me and I am of it. I am the starshine from the explosion of novae and stars. I am one with Nature, as it is also a creation of the divine as it set the earth in motion. As one with all good, I am abundant – I have all that I need. The abundance of the Universe flows into my life and through me. I am filled with well-being, health and vitality. My body feels good and does all I call upon it to do. I love and cherish my body and my very being. I co-create with spirit as I express myself and my talents with ease and joy. I write, paint, play music, compose, laugh, all with Spirit. Knowing I am one with all beings, human, flora, and fauna, I cherish them and approach them with kindness and compassion. This is true for all who read and accept these words.

As I sit at my desk to write, to express my talents, to feel self-expressed, I am divinely guided, supported, and sustained. As I face the world in all of its delight and imperfection, in its paradox and impossibility, in its joy and grief, in its heartbreak and celebration, I affirm the goodness of Source being expressed. I know my purpose is to bring love, compassion and kindness. I let all anger, confusion, and doubt fall away as I affirm my faith in the goodness of life, the benign love of the Universe, and the Love of Source.

I am grateful for the teachings, writings, and poetry that bring me closer to that ineffable presence of goodness that does not desert me if I only affirm it. I am grateful for all who read this, who bring their talents, love and kindness to the world.

I release this prayer to the Universe and know that it is fulfilled in divine promise. And so it is. Amen