Triumphant Journey

Triumphant Journey
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I’ve been contemplating the triumphant journey the last week or so.  Investigating what makes a journey triumphant.  Pondering how to triumph in navigating life’s ups and downs.  Asking how I can move from loss and change to celebration of what is.  

And in doing so, I move to the recognition that god is all there is.  This god, this spirit, moves with me in a dance of cooperation co-creation and oneness to manifest an ever higher and greater good.  In this beautiful oneness, I speak my words now:

I know that all journeys lead to celebration and joy.  All journeys lead to gratitude.  All appearance of loss is simply making room for greater good.  All appearance of fear is simply to know faith better.  And so today I celebrate.  And I live fully.  I know today that I am the power of god.  I am the joy of god.  I am the magnificence of god, demonstrating ever greater good in my life.  Today I feel the sweetness of the triumphant journey, and I am grateful.

I release my words into that law that always has an enthusiastic YES for my words, and with even more gratitude, I anchor: