by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

I know this day there is one Power and one Presence that lives and breathes through all of creation. It is right in front of me in every step I take. It is the magnificence of this beautiful crisp morning. The simplicity of feeling the sunshine on my face this morning reminds me that God ‘s light is always accessible and that it is, in fact, all there is.

As I remember that this presence exists all around me, I realize that it also runs through me! It is my breath, it is my heartbeat and it is every thought that passes through my mind. Realizing this, I am certain that not only does the light of God run through me, but It is all I am!

Knowing that Spirit is my very existence, I walk confidently through this day trusting that it unfolds with Divine perfection. I trust that my every thought and my every action is guided by Spirit. I trust that I live in a friendly Universe that is it a conspiracy for my good!

I am so grateful for this truth. I am so grateful for the guidance that I receive today. I am so grateful that I am a divine expression of the most high God.

I release my word into the Law knowing that It can only say yes! Thank you, Sweet Spirit!

And so it is!