Trust in the Voyage

Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Trust in the Voyage
By Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

I open to That Force that is known and yet Wholly Unknowable. I call That Force Love, Spirit, Divine, Presence, and My Own. And I know that even as I call It, It already has answered. For It is always with me.

I open to IT with awareness of my human vulnerability and, yet, with the knowingness that It as Divine Spirit sees more and wider and deeper than I, and, therefore, whatever IT calls forth as my good must be so. And, therefore, whatever is is for my good even when I don’t know a thing has in fact transpired.

On this day – not really knowing what lies across the waters, nor how this body will bear up – I trustingly set out on another voyage down life’s lane to partake of wonders and adventures in a foreign land. I go forward undaunted trusting in My God that only good can come to me for God is Only Good and All Good and so good that all It knows is good; all It can be is Good, and therefore, all It can do is Good. And, therefore, I trust and declare this day into unknown terrain – and truly, what day is known, is not each day filled with surprises? – as good and filled with delight, joy, wonders, treasures, and blessings to be discovered.

I send forth this prayer on behalf of myself, yourself and all into the Great Void knowing that the Void is only one more form of Divine Expression, that is constantly sending forth love and Its embrace in a multitude of forms and dimensions, and always for my good and your good, our good constantly, irrevocably and undeniably. It cannot do otherwise!

Grateful in my soul for this truth I call my word done.
I release my word and so it is!