Turn to Wholeness

Turn to Wholeness
Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

I now know and declare that Wholeness is everything and everyone, and that it always overcomes separation. So in this moment, as I quiet my mind and sense the Presence, I see this Wholeness present in all things.

I am filled with wonder and joy at the beauty in my world, as I know:  God is all there is.

My heart swells with abundant Love for all beings, as I feel:  God is all there is.

In the midst of any apparent confusion, I surrender my lesser understanding as I accept:  God is all there is.

When fear grips my being in the face of discord or harsh life events, I relinquish my limited understanding as I know:  God is all there is.

Sometimes I face seemingly impossible choices, and with the grace from my own higher awareness, I surrender and know:  God is all there is.

When I am assaulted from outside influences from the world in which I live, I take a deep breath and state:  God is all there is.

If I am feeling sad or alone, I trust in Divine Love and in so trusting believe:  God is all there is.

My ego mind sometimes wants to lead me into areas which may not be for my highest good, so I simply release and know:  God is all there is.

Watching the glorious sunset, the full moon rising, or the play of the sunshine on the mountains, I am struck with the all-encompassing truth:  God is all there is.

With great gratitude, love and joy, each step of the way on this journey called Life, as I turn to Wholeness, it surrounds and uplifts me profoundly:  God is truly all there is.

And so it is.