We are All Individualized Personifications of God as the One Source

We are All Individualized Personifications of God as the One Source
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Liza Kerr, RScP

Once again, like clockwork, the Fall season is upon us. We are surrounded by the absolute magnificence of Nature in its full glory. The orange, brown, yellow, and green colors of the forest, contrasted with the deep azure and cobalt blue colors of the sky, mixed with the white and gray clouds are so vibrant, the air so crisp, the temperatures at night so perfect inducing deep, deep sleep. Taking a hike in nature at this time of year is absolutely invigorating. Walking through an aspen forest with the leaves dropping – is absolutely magical. You can hear the leaves falling – it sounds like a gentle spring rain. The smells of the forest so fragrant, the loamy smell of the earth and the leaves, the fragrant smell of the pine trees intermingled with the scent of wildflowers. My appreciation of the splendor of this magnificent masterpiece is somewhat diminished by mere words, but a prayer seems wholly perfect. Please join me in affirming my appreciation for God in its full glory.

God is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Immortal. God is Love. God is Beauty, Nature, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Serenity, and Tranquility. God is everything and all things. There is nothing that is not God. God is in the Masterpiece that is Nature – the vibrant colors the cool temperatures, the animals running through the forest all a part of God. What a Perfect Maker, to share with us this splendor.
I know and affirm that this life is God’s life, this life is perfect, this life is my life now.

I am who is God; there is nothing in me that is not of God, nothing in God that is not in me, one and the same. For I know that the outermost God and the innermost God are one and the same – there is no separation. I am. I am a masterpiece placed on this Earth in this time and in this dimension to experience life in its fullest. Like a drop of water from the ocean, I have all of the qualities of God. Yet I am just a drop of the whole. I am an individualized personification of God as the one source. Just as this is true for me it is also true for each of you. We are all individualized personifications of God as the One Source, each of us whole, perfect and complete. There is no separation between you and God – for the innermost God and the outermost God are one and the same.

I speak my Word and my Word is Law, for the deep gratitude and appreciation I feel for the splendor of Fall that God has given me to enjoy. I raise my voice to God and I say ‘Thank You, God.’ I am noticing. I appreciate the wonderful colors; I appreciate the smells, the texture, and everything about this journey. I appreciate that you created the opportunity for me to rejoice in this unfolding of your glory. I noticed, I participate, I am grateful. As I walk through the aspen forest at this time of year and hear the tinkling of the leaves as they brush against one another in their gentle descent to the ground I hear God whispering to me; I hear you saying how much you love me, and I say back to you I love you, too. In this sweet surrender I am at peace and living in absolute faith. All of my worries slip away as time collapses to just the moment. In that moment I AM.

I give thanks for having God in my life, I give thanks for recognizing God in everyone I meet, and in everything I see. I give thanks for my time spent in nature enjoying and appreciating the splendor that surrounds me.

I release this prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it cannot come back to me void, knowing that it is heard. AND SO IT IS!