What is Healing? Healing is Wholeness!

What is Healing? Healing is Wholeness!
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Your ability to Heal comes from your Wholeness. Wholeness is about your “Unity” with Your Personal God in a healthy and almost sacred or divine relationship and with all that matters to you. In that Unity, your strength of Faith will increase, and your ability to heal and to benefit from Wholeness for your best and highest good will be elevated by a higher spiritual vibration.

Yes, there is a process to getting to Wholeness. By joining your mind with your Spirit, and your body with your emotions, you are acknowledging that the Mind and the Body are inseparably “One”. So, choose to trust, then focus, and get to awareness as you listen to and hear that inner voice. It is a gift. It is your guiding light. It is Spirit! It is Healing!

With complete trust, know that your conviction of faith is what allows Spirit to guide you, as you listened to and chose to trust and be in a state of awareness. If need be, ask yourself, what am I not paying attention to?  What thoughts are in my mind? What am I saying with my chosen words? Know that when you choose the right words, the right thoughts, and the right actions, you can accept that the conviction of your faith is what brought you to healing and wholeness. Know that making the necessary changes to your thoughts, words, and or actions was the right thing to do when it was evident that it was necessary.

With complete trust and your knowing of the conviction of your faith, you will then be able to bring Spirit forth to guide you. It may feel like a nudge or intuition.  Let it be, anchor it, and give thanks for the connectivity. Know that your right actions brought you to Health, Wellness, and Wholeness.

Affirm that all is well.

Know you are blessed.

And So it is.