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What is Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?
Ernest Holmes, Our Founder

Ernest Holmes - One with God

In spiritual healing the practitioner deals with thought alone. He is not dealing with a sick body or a sick man. There is no one to be healed in the Truth and we must think in the Truth if we expect to heal. There is no material body to be healed and no material man to suffer pain or anguish. Disease is neither person, place nor thing to the one who wishes to heal. The practitioner must try to become conscious of perfection alone and nothing else. In whose mind is he to become conscious of perfection? In the only person’s mind he can ever be conscious of anything, in his own mind. The first man to be healed is the practitioner.

Here in his own mind he meets the belief in the necessity of sickness or discord. He repudiates this belief and explains to himself what the real truth is. He is conscious, as his explanation goes on, that he is meeting and neutralizing false claims held to be true about his patient. Knowing that they are false, he resolves them into thoughts and heals the thought. The whole process is one of thought and realization and could not be anything else.

The practitioner works within his own mind until he is mentally satisfied, until the whole reaction in his thought causes him to understand that his patient is now healed. This healing is really the action of Spirit upon the mind of the healer, the active Principle of truth, goodness and harmony.

Since the Divine must hold us as some part of Its eternal perfection, we are fulfilling our destiny when we think of ourselves as already Divine and perfect. To contemplate that Divine Life which is at the very center of everyman’s life—this is the very essence of mental healing.

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Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of many books, including “The Science of Mind“.