What Simply Is

What Simply Is
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

God is.  One Principle, One Presence, One Power, One magnificent Thing that simply is.  It needs no name, no description, for it is all.

And I know that I am One with the Principle of God, One with the Presence of God, and I feel and embody the Power of God.  I am.

And so I speak my word for faith. The kind of faith that moves mountains.  The kind of faith that means there is no longer any need to control, no need to fix, no need to change a thing, because faith is all there is.  Sweet, glorious wonderful faith.  Faith that makes breathing easier, faith that makes living more satisfactory.  Faith that gently and compassionately replaces fear, every time.  I live, breathe and embody faith. I am faith.

And so I release my words into that law that says yes, knowing it has already been acted upon.

And so it is!