When the Divine is Bigger than My Thought

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

When the Divine is Bigger than My Thought
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There are times, in my human condition, I judge. I get mad and then I’m sorry. I grieve over the loss of loved ones, the passing of the eras of my life, and, sometimes, I grieve because I did not give myself certain opportunities. I scowl at bad drivers and, in the next instant, I turn up the radio to my favorite song. It’s this human condition.

And then, somewhere between my judgments, the twinges of pain, the worries about the bills, and my happiness and unhappiness, I see a spectacular sunrise. The cranes and geese fly into the back field and the ducks sneak in beside them. A whole symphony of color and life appear and I know that I know that I know – Infinite Life is poking me to remind me She’s there. Real. Truth. This prayer is for the surrender of my limiting thoughts that I might experience True Love, True Abundance, True Joy, and True Community.   


There is One Life, One Joy, One Happiness. There is One, not in the sense of numbers but in the sense of Wholeness. One. I call this One right now and know It is All There Is – Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, and Love. It is All There Is.  It is the Great I Am.

I am one with the I Am. Because it is, I am. I am peace, joy, happiness, abundance, goodness, beauty, truth and love. In my world, I am the all experiencing my love and, in this moment, I am so wholly and fully aligned with the Great I am, everything that is unlike it, falls away never to return. As I know this for me, I know this for the person reading this prayer.

I surrender all worry and I affirm and declare potent love; easy and effortless. I affirm and declare that I know a faith so great I never doubt again, and all is well. Human and financial resources flow in unfettered abundance at the Center and in my life, and any limiting thoughts are loosed and let go.  There is only love, only prosperity, only good.  Our Center is a beacon of light, a resource in our community, and every single person who calls this place home is abundantly supported in his or her love affair with life. We pay our bills easily and effortlessly and we know a prosperity so great, the whole community knows our new home.  It is a good life.

I am grateful. Gratitude fills my heart early and often. Gratitude gives rise to more and I see that all is well. Every person in our community is loved and supported and our community loves and supports the greater community. It is a good life.

I release my word into the Law knowing it cannot come back to me void. And so it is. Amen.