Where We Are

Where We Are
by Tilia Giron, Chaplain and RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP - All is Love

It all begins where we are. So, then, let us begin with self-kindness – and Spirit.

With kindness to the self, you and I embrace and kindle Kindness within us

And bring it outward and forward.

Spirit is always with us.

So, give yourself this day the gift of Kindness in every way that you can imagine – whatever that is – and it will naturally flow outward and inward and continuously.

It cannot help it.

Energy begets energy.

It is the way of the universe.

It is a universe of More. Becoming more is part of our divinity.

Let us create more – More Love, more Kindness to self and then to others.

More Joy. More Harmony. More Beauty in the eyesight.

More Love in the heart.

More Warmth within the home.

More Light in your own eyes… and then in others’.

More Sparkle in your heart… and then in others’.

Open your heart to All the Possibilities and Blessings that this new day brings.






And so it is.