Who Am I Called to Be

Michelle Scholer, RScP

Who Am I Called to Be
by Michelle Scholer, RScP
Beloved Creatures NM Pet Celebrant

This is a talk I presented for the Youth Service on 9/9/18, 11 am.

That is a spiritual question vs the mundane question “Who are you”? This question leads me to another question – Who is calling me to be? For me at this point in my life I am pretty clear that it is Spirit in me and as me, calling out from deep within. So, that brings me back to the original question Who Am I Called To Be by Spirit Within?

By looking at me wearing a Practitioner’s Stole you can see that I have been and continue to be called to be a Practitioner. I demonstrate that by allowing God or Spirit to move through me as I do treatments, work with others to produce a Prayer Fair, a Pet Blessing, The Giving Tree Project and supporting our community. In that expression I am called to be an intuitive open and allowing channel of God’s flow of Good. I’m getting better at it the more I practice.

Now I have come to a deeper understanding that being a Practitioner has been a type of “Be and Do” calling which is all good, but, that there is a type of calling that is a calling to just Be. A way of being where there is nothing to do. It is a type of Being that is clear and authentic. So now Who I Am Called To Be is authentically me as this individualized expression of Spirit.

So in exploration of what this “Authentic” me is, I have begun moving my conscious attention, my focus, to Spirit within me. So far along this path I have gotten clear what the Authentic me is not! The Authentic me is not my feelings, is not my thoughts and is not my life circumstances. The Authentic me is the Observer that quietly witnesses thoughts, feelings and life circumstances but is really never touched or changed by them. That is the Authentic me, the I Am. And This Is Who I Am Called To Be. I am interested to see how my perspective about my life and the living of it shifts, if it even does.

Now I realize this may take some practice and focus because I have been acting like I am my thoughts, feelings and circumstances for a long long time. However, I think the footwork is worth it to actually and genuinely become the Authentic Me Who I Am Called To Be.