With a Deep Breath

With a Deep Breath
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

Today I had the opportunity to do the invocation for two meetings. Whenever I get to do this, I begin with a deep breath that tells both my body and my mind that we are going to settle in to a different place. And today I found myself settling into a much needed place of peace and joy, so that is what my treatment is for today.

And so with my breath I move to a different place in consciousness and remember that god is all there is. Spirit, divine one, universe, the force, these are all different names for the same thing. And I also know when I sink into this place that This Thing is everywhere present, including and especially within and a part of me.

It is with a sense and a knowing of this oneness that I can then speak my word with authority and confidence, knowing peace and joy. I feel the peace that means easier breathing and relaxed muscles. I feel the peace that means all is well and continues to be well. I feel the peace that everything is precisely where it should be, when it should be, and happening in perfect right timing and order. And from that peace stems a feeling of joy. Joy of living. Joie de vivre. A joy that is embodied in the simplest of tasks as well as the most complicated ones. A joy that comes with the every day activities of life as well as the not so common activities. A joy that simply is there for me to feel and to know, 24/7

And so I release my words with great gratitude, knowing that the law has taken them and acted upon them and made them so.