Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP


by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Sometimes you have to go within before you can go without.
And sometimes you don’t know how long it takes to be within.
This has been a time of within for me,
A time for indwelling, mending, and introspection
Not unlike the time bears spend in hibernation during the winter
Or Jesus within before He/It resurrected.

This within requires commitment,
Perseverance and heart.
Sometimes the time needed to be within can take longer than you think.
It can take longer than you want.
But, it takes the time it needs.
It takes the time you need.

The time is determined by you although you may not know it.
It is true to you
For It honors you
And loves you more than you know or could even begin to imagine.

It is that Indwelling Divine Spirit within each of us.
The Spirit that created each of us out of a love so huge it could not be contained
So immense it could not be still once created.
It had to go on expanding and continuing to expand in Love without limit.

On this day, as well as tomorrow, on Easter, may you be in touch with that Divine Spirit of Indwelling and Limitless Love within
May you know It, feel It, dive in It, bask in It and enjoy It,
A love so complete you need nothing else.
It provides all and is all.

Thankful for this knowing, I release my word and So it is.