Without Expectation: Sublime Mercy

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Without Expectation: Sublime Mercy
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Lord, let me remember who I truly am.  Let me look to You always.  In whatever arises in my life, in whatever perceived difficulties I encounter, return my mind to the truth of beingness.  Let me remember that I am love – that my purpose is love, that my mission is love, that my essence is You.  And so, I pray to realign myself with what that Divine Essence and turn away from appearances.  I do not know what anything is for. 

My Prayer:

There is but One Life.  That Life is God’s Life.  That Life is Perfect.  That Life is my life now.  In that remembrance of Truth, I pause to remind myself of who God is – the loving center of all of life.  The energy that turns seeming tragedies into blessings.  The doting Father whose only purpose is love.  I remember that the Truth of Spirit is Sublime Mercy.  I am have moments when I feel lost or unsupported but those are things I did to myself.  You have never abandoned me.  You have never forsaken me.  You have always loved me in my humanness. You are Life Itself, Lord, and in this remembrance, I see that all is well.

Each moment, I am being called without expectation toward my best self.  I remember in this moment that although I may seem at times to disappoint myself, You are never disappointed in me, Lord.  You are forever delighted in Your Creation. You are whispering Truth. You remind me that I am so much more capable that I give myself credit for.  You remind me to forgive.  Forgive others for their seeming failures to meet my expectations.  Forgive myself for yielding to my fears instead of having faith in Your Love.  Forgive the expectations.  Forgive the frailties.  Life is Yours, Lord.  And that means everyone is fiercely loved.  We are all just trying to realign ourselves with the truth of who we are.  We are all learning to be inclusive despite our differences.

Let me remember who we are.  We are the Holy Son of God Himself.  We are Life.  We are Love.  We are Forgiveness.  We are Mercy.  Beneath the disagreements over anything is simply the fear that we won’t get what we want.  We forget how loved we are.  We forget that we God cares for even the lilies of the field.  Lord, help me to let go of any expectations I may have and instead, hear Your guidance. Let me trust that all that I need shall be provided.  Let my focus be on serving you, on being an instrument of Thy peace.  Let me have faith that I am always cared for and so is everyone else.  Let me remember that if I am witnessing a seeming lack of love, I am there to witness for You, Lord.  I am there to be the love.  Fill my heart with Your Love and help me to extend it to everyone I encounter. 

For within that Love, I find gratitude, as I remember You.  Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.  Thank You for answering it before it was even spoken.  Thank You for giving me all that I need.  Thank You for Sublime Mercies.  Thank You for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever. They left with my expectations. 

I release my words, knowing it is already done.  And so it is.  Amen.