Wondrous Health

Wondrous Health
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Divine Intelligence within my body temple can heal anything as I allow the condition for healing to manifest.   Michael Bernard Beckwith

Right here and right now I align myself fully and willingly with the Infinite Divine Presence that is at the core of my being.  I breathe in the feeling of this Presence as it expresses through my senses, my surroundings, and the entirety of my human condition.  And what I know to be true is that the essence of Presence is wholeness. 

As I contemplate my own body, I view those elements that may be out of balance.  My goal is to align with my innate perfection and wholeness, as I claim this for myself.  To facilitate this happening, I visualize my wholeness in ways that are supportive of any needed healing.

Taking a few deep and cleansing breaths, I see and sense the following:

I am walking in a field of beautiful yellow flowers and tall, graceful grasses billowing in the breeze.  The sky is blue, with white fluffy clouds, inviting me to see their inexhaustible splendor.  The air is fresh and sweet from the rain the previous night, and I fill my lungs with its fragrance.  The sound of a bird chirping greets me with its song, and I smile.  As I contemplate my world, all I can feel is that everything is in divine right order, and that all is well.  Turning inward, I claim for myself that my body perfectly aligns with this order, gently yet absolutely healing any sense of discord or dis-ease, be it physical, mental, or emotional.  In an instant, I let go of pain, discomfort, or fear that anything could possibly be wrong with my precious body temple, and see instead the being of Light I know that I Am. Joy and gratitude fill my being, as I simply release and accept this healing, knowing that the action of Spirit is already occurring.

Returning to the present moment, I am refreshed and invigorated, and so very thankful for my ever-evolving awareness of the Presence.  Body, mind, and spirit come together in perfect synchronicity, and all is well.  And so it is.