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Around the year
with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

Each day you return,
You will find
a new and wonderful insight!

The insight for today:

 Monday, July 11, 2012

The excerpt today is very timely as I have been looking for work. I see that the right work is mine now. I keep doing what I need to do and let God do the how, knowing that all is perfect. I know that God is doing the work to find my right employment. I am grateful for all that God provides and give thanks! And So It Is!

Question—I am starting a new work very soon which I believe to be my big opportunity, and wish to be a perfect channel through which Divine Mind can operate successfully. Will you help me?”

“ANSWER—You have begun your new enterprise in a very constructive frame of mind, so there is every reason to believe you will be successful. Your willingness to be an unobstructed channel, if persisted in, must terminate satisfactorily. In your meditation realize that Good governs all your affairs, that It makes the right contacts and compels you to think, say and do the right thing at the right time. Know that this Good Governor is all the activity there is in your world, and that It has your personal interests in Its wise and sure keeping.”

“Each day bless your place of business and name it a point of Success for yourself, a point where the presence of your good manifests. Never doubt, no matter what appearances may declare. See through them to the ideal, and ‘stay at home with Cause.’ The effect will take care of itself.”


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