Your Faith Can Make You Whole

Your Faith Can Make You Whole
by Carmella Herrera, RScP

The Law of Faith has the power to bring into your life, your heart’s desire and lift you up to a mountaintop of hope and certainty. How good it is to know that your Faith can make you whole.

I affirm for you “Awareness” – a knowing that you can bring into your life the good you so greatly desire through your faith and trust in God, for God is Good. God is Love.  God is Beauty, and Intelligence. Allow your Soul to unfold as you become aware – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Allow Grace Consciousness to bring you certainty of God’s Goodness.

Take this time, in this moment, to activate your intention of awareness, creativity, and purpose and be willing to acknowledge the importance of your inner work, and accept the emerging order you create in your life, knowing that it is an evolving process, as you take responsibility for your part.  Embrace every opportunity to make right choices.  Stand in your Integrity.  Be satisfied with how you show up. 

Release and let go of any doubts as you embrace your Power within, knowing that Your Faith Can Make You Whole!

And so it is!