Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

A Call Back to Love

A Call Back to Love
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

I found it!
It is Love.
It is not just pretty love.
Smushy love.
It is ever-present love.

It is The Love that lives with you
Cries with you.
Hurts inside you
When you don’t know why.

It is the Spark of God in you.
It is the Way.
It is what tells you when you violate your own borders and
Abandon yourself.

For what?
For misplaced ideas?
For identifying with that which is outside yourself?
For all the wrong reasons.

For thinking, believing, feeling,
Reacting towards a thing
Or away from that thing
Of light and honor that you are.
That from which you were made.

My own misidentification with other
Has taken me far afield from myself.
The good thing is I could never
And can never go too far from me.

But you can go away from what you
Think is you.
And identify with that outside of yourself.

You know it.
It is the hastily spoken comment.
Or the going along with the crowd
Or the not speaking your truth
Worse! Not even knowing your truth.

Truth is the love that sparks and flames as you.
The love that ignites with you at its center
It is you that give it body, form
Dimension, expression and light.

And as you honor that light within
That light then lights the way
For you to allow even more love within
To ignite and brighten and spread.
To Glow Bright.
That’s the way it works. Always.

That light is the truth of you.
It is that light that goes forgotten
When you misidentify with that which is outside.

Yes, But pray tell me
What do I do when I identify outside myself
And I don’t even know it.

You are caught up outside yourself
Anytime you are not feeling or knowing Love.
Misidentifying love is feeling bad.
Not sick, Bad as in out of sorts.
Ask: What is it you have forgotten?
Yourself? Your love? Your flame? Your good?
What do you honor and recognize?
Do you even remember yourself?

Anytime I feel bad
It’s because I have stepped away from who I am even
If or when I don’t know that’s who or what I am.

So now I call myself back to love
To me.
To God.
To us.
There is only us.
Me and God.

We can say there is no separation.
In truth that is so.
But there is a me that recognizes God.
That me has awareness.
Has life.
That me was created out of God.
From God’s very Spirit,
Mind, Heart and Love Essence.

To be just the me I am
Truly am.
To wonder and wander as I have.
To flower as the heart of me.
To express in my true light
And my very own individual way.

I choose right now
To discover that me
In its unfolding boundless expanding expression
And to give it space, heart and honor
To express itself fully as itself.

Divine. Amazingly so.
Filled with light
Out of the truth of Its divine beingness,
Whole and wholly transcendent
In a manifestation and experience all its own
Divinely created and unlimited in the One.