A Call for Harmony

A Call for Harmony
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Today, I claim Harmony.

I honor that balance and harmony  exists naturally within me, within my body, mind and spirit.

I remember and know totally that balance. alignment and integration are naturally mine. I am made this way by The Divine.

So, I let go of what is not mine, and I see that clearly.

I know what is mine and I honor it.

I choose to be energetically the harmony that I naturally am. I am present and awake, as the Buddha says.

Today, awake and aware, I relax into my natural Essence of Harmony. I sit back and let go and am.

As I do, so may others, as we are all one. 

Thus, I call for harmony on the planet within all of us, 

regardless of beliefs, dispositions, and cultures.

May that harmony and oneness cross social, spiritual, ethnic and political lines generating peace, tolerance, balance, calm, joy, grace, kindness, patience and allowing and, thereby, extend to all of nature and across all of life’s arenas. 

Knowing the Divine can only say Yes!, grateful,  I release my word and so it is!