Kathy Mathiason, RScP

A Celebration of Love and Kindness

A Celebration of Love and Kindness
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Imagine what power acts of love and kindness has on people around the world as the global nervous system is infused with a sense of oneness, connectivity, gratitude and friendship.  For three days, I encourage you to engage in acts of friendship, random gifts, and hugs to/from strangers – all so that we can remember ourselves as one human family!

God is Love, that Unconditional Love that unifies all life together; the Power back of all things seen and unseen. This unconditional Love which is the center of everything is the central core of my being.  The power that governs all that I think and do.  This Love empowers me to live my life in gratitude, knowing that I am part of the greater whole of humanity.

I know that being conscious of this Love in my life allows me to live in peace and harmony, accepting myself and everyone on this planet completely and unconditionally as divine aspects of the One True Spirit.  I see life through the eyes of Love and It is a reflection of who I am.  Love is Spirit expressing Itself through every person I meet and every experience I have in my life.  I know and declare Love is the way in which I live my life.  This is the purpose of my being, this is the way I express God through me, as me.  Love fills me, supports me, and gives my life purpose.  I live in joy when I think and express only Love and Peace for my fellow human beings on Earth, our shared physical home provided by that Loving Spirit, I call God.

So, I am grateful that this Love is part of my life that I can experience, share and embrace as both my human and spiritual being.  I never “run out of” or “am in short supply of”  It in my life.  The more I give, the more I have to continue giving.  This is truly a gift for the giver as well as the receiver.  So, I say “Thank You, God for this gift and all my opportunities in life I have in order to share with my fellow man.”

And So It Is!