A Prayer for Health and Well-being

A Prayer for Health and Well-being
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

This is a prayer for health and well-being. I take a deep breath and anchor myself in the present. In the present I know that I am well and surrounded by Divine Love. There is nothing but Love around me. Love expresses as health and wellness, as abundance and creativity, as power and life, as inspiration and vision.

I am One with Spirit, with Love. Divine Love flows through me as health and well-being. I feel well, I keep myself safe knowing that my true safety is in Spirit. Abundance is in my life as my comfortable and safe surroundings, knowing that my physical well-being is in the hands of Spirit. I am Well.  Love surrounds me with neighbors I care about who care for me. I am one with them. Creativity is in me as I am inspired to express my talents for the good of all. Whatever I can do I do, if it is writing, playing music, painting, drawing, creating art, teaching, listening to others, cooking, sewing, whatever is needed, taking care of children, caring for people, I can help and others help me. We are intertwined an a beautiful net of life, and we coexist in love and caring. I am powerful, full of life. Life is for me and I am for life. I vision my role in creating a world that works for everyone, where all have food, shelter, health care. All are surrounded by Love.

In the present there is no doubt that All is Well. I am here, I am Life, Life is Good. I give thanks to Divine Spirit, Divine Power, for all the goodness in my life. I keep the vision before me and I give thanks.

I release this prayer to the Universe, knowing it comes back fulfilled in a beautiful world where everyone has a place and all the blessings of life.

And so it is, amen.