A Prayer for Our Nation

A Prayer for Our Nation
by Chris Duvall, RScP

This is a prayer for our nation and each soul therein …

God is the Eternally Evolving Unified Field of Being, which is built from and for Relationship. Within love-connected relationship is the Unlimited Possibility for the experience of All Good. The Great I AM is the Ground Source and Resource of each individual, collective, the Unity that Life is. Source is ready, able, and willing to meet us, to love us as we are, and to work a transformation that shows forth Its relevance and purposes for us in this stage of our development as partners, families, colleagues, members of communities, and citizens. The Highest Cause of the Spirit that unites us is now whispering new stories based in Truth and Love that out-picture as mutual recognition, healing, and goodness of every kind.

In order to clear the field for this arising Good, I surrender mistaken beliefs about individuality taking precedence over the good of the whole. I surrender mistaken beliefs in separation. I release wrong beliefs that it is justifiable to make less than loving responses to others. I surrender the need to be fearful or attached to divisive appearances and old stories. I surrender blindness or resistance to Guidance coming through. I let go of anything in mind, memory, body or soul that obstructs the rise of the Highest Vibration of Love now seeking expression through our collective soul. I make this release for all who are willing.

I now consciously exchange old stories that harm for new stories of relational wellness, mutual service, respectful accountability, sufficiency, transparency, and truth. I arise into unity with Divine Authority and as Spirit I speak the effective word on behalf of the Highest Good of each expression of life. I mute lies and bind mal-intent. I release love and courage to shed light transforming the darkness, healing wounds and freeing the spirit of joy. I command that the Highest Cause of Spiritual Love now take back power and reign in our nation on behalf of the public good, for the sake of The Sacred Name.

I am so grateful that there are those who are praying and visioning persistently for the Good of All. I am grateful that Divine Power-Presence-Intelligence hears these prayers and is willing and able to act upon them … so that Its will is done on Earth as it is in heaven for the revelation of Its Goodness, made clear to all. I am grateful in advance that our unity is recognized and our common purpose and good is renewed meaningfully in this age. I am so grateful for Spiritual Law, which now receives the impression of this word and does Its miraculous work of manifestation. I release and allow. And so it is.