Sue Hoadley, RScP

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Thanksgiving
by Sue Hoadley, (Former) RScP

Awareness arises and I am excited about meeting this new, sunshine day! The touch of the sheets on my skin, my breath, relaxed, in and out. What mystery of love is my beings Creator of a world so beautiful, so orderly, so harmonious, so Intelligent. Divine presence, as close to me as my breath. The breath of God breathes me and I bask in the miracle of Life.

I focus my heart and midland this day on noticing and receiving the myriad of blessings that constantly shower upon me, messages of Divine Love: clean, running water, clouds in the deep blue sky, the first taste of coffee, light on the edge of a leaf, the proud silhouette of a cottonwood in winter, the milky half-moon hanging over the city lights, the flowing laughter of children I train my mind and heart on God’s Love.

I am so grateful for the teachings, the teachers, the reminders that lead me into this blessed state of gratitude; that remind me to focus on God’s ever-present, overflowing messages of Love.

I release this prayer into Divine principles knowing all is well and all is Good. And so it is!