A Season for Reflection

A Season for Reflection
Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Center for Spiritual Living

Perhaps the angels of God’s presence are evermore around all of us, waiting with their message of hope and cheer to enter our minds, to still our fears, and to sing for us the glorious tidings of good cheer.  – Ernest Holmes

Let us all take a moment and breathe in this glorious day that God hath made!  Today we feel the blessings and Love of Christmas, the Light of the Solstice, the Peace of Hanukkah.  The energy and essence of this thing called Life reigns supreme, today and indeed every day.  On such a sacred day as this, we are particularly moved to feel the Presence and the essence of God itself.  We are moved to reflect on our past — on our soul’s journey to the point where we find ourselves this day.  Fondly, we remember our loved ones, as well as those who may have passed before us into the Eternal Life.  Once again, we breathe in the energy which surrounds us right here in this precious Now moment – and we rejoice and give thanks for all that we have, all that we know, and all that we are.  And let us each take a moment to reflect on the future, and see our path ahead — regardless of circumstances — bringing with it the fullness and the glory of life.  We envision the qualities of love, wisdom, abundance, joy, and peace as ours, for as Jesus proclaimed, “It is God’s great pleasure to give you kingdom.”

Our blessings overflow this day, and we extend the branch of hope and kindness to all of those we encounter, whether in thought, in person, or through the marvels of technology.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Presence for the gifts of this day.  And so it is.