A Treatment to Reveal our Wholeness

A Treatment to Reveal our Wholeness
Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP Emeritus
Taos Study Group

“I rejoice in emotional wholeness.”  Dr. Ernest Holmes

Let us together recognize that there is but One Power, One Infinite Possibility, One Perfect and Divine Pattern.  This Power and this Pattern is inherent in every living organism, and is right here and right now present in me and in anyone reading or hearing these words. This Divine Pattern contains within it the quality of our perfection and wholeness, as well as the structure to allow it to be shown as manifest reality.  We may call it by many names:  God, Spirit, Life; or, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, but it is divinity nonetheless.  In this present moment, I align with this pattern, and I invite everyone to know the same for themself.  In this vein, I speak these words in the present tense for all of us.

Dear Spirit, Infinite Life, Mother-Father God, I recognize your presence in my life AS my very essence.  I embrace the kernel of perfection, which I know and feel and experience as my birthright in this lifetime.  I rejoice in the awareness that I am God’s precious child, entitled to all of the goodness, all of the joy, all of the health and well-being there is.  And now I claim it as my very own, with a profound sense of gratitude of the richness of this my life.  Letting go of any prior notions of unworthiness, I replace them with my deeper understanding that God only wants the best and the highest for me.  With this newfound understanding, I release any sense of fear or doubt, and replace it with trust and a deep sense of certainty that, regardless of any limiting outward appearances, all is well.  Yes, All is Well!  Gone is the idea of limitation.  Now I see only boundless and inexhaustible goodness, joy, health, abundance, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  With complete abandon and full-on, exuberating energy and vitality, I embrace my wholeness.  I claim it! I own it! I live it!  This pattern of perfection is supported in my every endeavor, and in every circumstance in my life.  It is as if the Universe itself is coming together to support and uplift my every waking, dreaming moment.  Additionally, I support this effort by divinely-guided right action, which supports and completes anything needed in my material universe.  I listen and hear my guidance to know how and when to proceed, and I do so with intelligence and inner wisdom.  I am so blessed by this revelation of my wholeness, and so filled with gratitude, for all that has been received through the very grace of God.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dear Spirit.  And now I just release and let go, knowing that through these words, the Law Itself has been activated, and already my good is being provided.  And so it is. Amen.