Carol Helms, RScP

Affirming the A’s of Spirituality

Affirming the A’s of Spirituality
by Carol S. Helms, RScP

Carol Helms, RScP

There is one Life; that life is God’s life; that is perfect; and that Life is my life now. Today, I affirm and share one of the spiritual adventures I started five or six years ago. As some of you may know, one of my favorite spiritual practices is walking, meditative prayer that has evolved into an awesome and ever-expanding spiritual adventure. So put on your virtual walking shoes and join me through some of the A’s of the attributes, qualities and blessings of the Creator that created everything and everyone of Its essence and in Its image.

Today, I surrender to the power and presence and ALL that God is, I am; ALL that God is, you are; ALL that God is, each and all of us are; forever unfolding in perfection without exception.

Today, I say thank you, God, and align myself with the power and presence and deep, rich, conscious awareness of  God living me, breathing me with every breath; and the power and present and deep, rich, conscious awakening of God expressing in, as, for and through me.

Today, I say yes and thank you, God, for the power, presence and abundance of God; knowing the impossibility of lack and limitation, I declare God within each of us abundant.

Today, I live, move and have my being in the power, presence and authenticity of God in me, showing up in the Universe as our unique and beautiful selves.

Today, I surrender to and embrace the power, presence and adventure God has in store for me today, forever saying yes to the call to spiritual adventure.

Today, I live, move and have my being in the absolutely perfect assimilation, animation, circulation, elimination, respiratory, cardio vascular, pulmonary, brain and neurological health and wellbeing; forever showing up in the world in a conscious state of gratitude for excellent health and wellbeing, and in a manner the honors the Creator of everything and everyone.

Today, I live in gratitude of the awesome and amazing gift of life this is each of us, as us, forever unfolding in perfection.

Blessings, all.  And so it is!