Affirming the Truth of the Abundance of the RGCSL and its Members

Affirming the Truth of the Abundance of the RGCSL and its Members
by Marilyn C. O’Leary

God is everywhere present – omnipotent, eternal, expansive. It is Abundance and Generosity. It is Health, Welfare, Peace, Beauty, Creativity, Joy, Love.

I am one with the Divine, God. That means I partake of all of God’s attributes. Thus, I am abundant, generous, loving, creative. I am health. beauty, creativity.

This is true for me, for you, for all who read these words and believe them. We are all connected in, as, and through Divine Spirit.

I affirm for RGCSL and each of its members, joyful, abundant, overflowing prosperity. I affirm that each member experiences abundance in their lives that exceeds all past experiences and even their most expansive dreams.

RGCSL and its members flourish, grow, deepen in love, faith, confidence and fulfillment.

We give and receive generously. Our needs are met and our expectations are exceeded. We have the resources to thrive and to grow in vitality and all of our interests thrive in fulfillment of our dreams.

Abundance shows up in every area of our lives, health, wellness, love, connection, prosperity, joy, generosity, and peace.

I give thanks for RGCSL and its members, for its gifts and blessings that it brings to the world.

I release this prayer in confidence and let it do its work.

It is done, and so it is.