All is Love, God is Love, Love is God

All is Love, God is Love, Love is God
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I know that there is only one Force, one Energy, one Essence and that is Love. And God is Love and Love is God. And all creation simply expresses variations of that one Divine Love.

On this beautiful November day, let us welcome this day, this life, with love in whatever form it chooses to appear in our lives and in our hearts and minds and creations. Let it be love that motivates, love that leads, love that is our own consciousness. And let us know that however it shows up, its form is Divinely selected especially for us and, as such, it is simply exquisitely perfect.

Let us herald in this new day with a spirit of loving-kindness – compassionate, giving, expressing exuberantly, or with a gentleness – a softness, and/or perhaps a depth and a wisdom, or a creativity unbridled and sparkling with its own particular manifestation.

I know this love that can just wrap me up and leave me on new and shiny shores never before seen or experienced, a love that leaves me in wonderment – leaves me utterly without words or mind – takes me to depths and heights unknown. Joy, speechless, innerness, allness.

Close to home, I see this love expressing on the path when I take my morning walk with my dog Star, a strappy young black lab, who revels in our outings. We sometimes spot rabbits – usually cottontails, occasionally jackrabbits. Yesterday, I saw a crow flying overhead with a dove – supposed to be now long gone – but there they were high above – an unlikely couple – dipping and soaring ever together. Remarkable. Before that, we spotted a skinny coyote running across the path eager to avoid detection but desperate to forge its way, nevertheless. So determined. So brave.

May you and I know the love and power that we are. May we dip and soar, fly high, scamper, show up bravely, or in however or whatever mode we choose as we forge our own pathway ahead, aware of our unlimited potential to create the lives of our hearts’ choice.

I proclaim the truth of this knowing love, knowing within my heart and felt-sense on our behalf, the beauty of this one vibration endlessly demonstrating. I know this for me and I know this for you. I declare that we are surrounded and embraced by our experience of love and that we feel and partake of beauty, peace, calm, joy, love, friendship, family, wisdom, kindness, generosity, strength, openness, harmony, abundance, creativity, and all those sweet modes and manners in which we are moved and uplifted and conscious of our oneness with the Divine, all humanity and life forms.

I give thanks for all the very many ways in which Love shows up. As Thanksgiving draws close, I give thanks on behalf of us all for our many blessings. May we continue heralding the blessing forward and keep its circulation going, expanding and enhancing as it continues to circulate in love, as love and for love. And may it be with and in this Spirit of Love and wonderment that your Thanksgiving and Holiday Season continues to unfold. And this is so for all of us.

I release my word, and so it is.