Allowing Our Hearts to Heal

Allowing Our Hearts to Heal
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Center for Spiritual Living

“May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?” 
— John Wesley, 1749 

Divine Life, Infinite Awareness and Being, I reach out now through the invisible ethers and connect to the Oneness.  I allow myself to feel the love, the support, and the unwavering fullness of this timeless moment. I appreciate that in this precious dance of life, things ebb and flow, people from all walks of life may not see things from the same perspective, and conflicts may indeed arise. 

How precious it is to know that in this dance, we can bob and weave, sway and move both forward and backward, and yet always retain our own image, our own unique self.  When we find ourselves at crosshairs with another, we can glide into their shoes (their perspective), and see life through their eyes.  And from that place of convergence, we can in some mysterious way embrace the wholeness of both perspectives to grow and evolve.  This is the place of healing, where individual opinions can be listened to and heard, shared and respected, absorbed and yet at the same time simply set aside.  We can let go of the judgments, the righteousness, and the rancor, and replace them with trust, honor, and unity.  When we come from that place of an open mind and an open heart, miracles can occur. 

Today I pray for a healing miracle upon our land and each of its inhabitants.  Today I am grateful for this awakened moment of the deep realization of our inherent Oneness.  Today I let go and let God, with great peace and release.  And so it is.