As I Help Others, I Am Helped.

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This Sunday,  October 21st,  2012

Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

“The Unity of Truth”  

We all wish to feel that the power behind everything is good as well as creative, an eternal and changeless Intelligence in which we live, move and have our being. Intuitively we know we are part of all that is and ever was. How do we use this intuitive knowledge to move beyond our limitations? Join Rev. Martha for the discussion!

Music by Susan Clark

Music Director Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion

The Daily Meditation 10.17.2012

 As I Help Others, I Am Helped

By Linda Martin, RScP

Linda Martin, RScP

I recognize there is One Life, One Source, One Divine Intelligence in all, through all, beside all.  Everything seen and unseen comes this place of creation. This Divine Presence animates in every blade of grass, every snowflake. It is every person’s heartbeat.  The aspects of this Presence which I call God and known by other names, are Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy, Goodness, Purity, Abundance, Prosperity…all things great and wonderful. This Presence is eternal…has always been and will always be. It is indestructible. 

I unify myself with this Presence for all things that God is I am.  I am in this Creative Space and this Creativity is in me. I am a Co-Creator with this mysterious flow of Life.

Anything that has stood in the way of my success and the fulfillment of Life is washed away with the knowing deep in my soul that good is all there is and that Life is good. The past has no power over me. I live in this Truth, I am this Truth knowing that Perfect God is within me and Perfect Life is within me. I look within for answers for everything comes from this ongoing flow of goodness. Nothing comes from the outside in.  Self-confidence permeates throughout my entire Being for it is Spirit that builds me up and strengthens my soul. I’m successful, creative, loved, prosperous, radiantly healthy and living a life of everyday miracles, making a difference in the world. I allow and accept this Presence to flow into my mind filling me with creative ideas, words of encouragement and love. As individuals come into my Life, I am instrumental in helping them discover their magnificence. As I help others, I am helped. As we continue upward on the endless spiral toward home, we all help to raise the consciousness on this beautiful planet through our thoughts and deeds.   Vegetation thrives, animals are respected and taken care of, loved and nurtured.  Our water is clean and pure. The gifts of wisdom, compassion, kindness and a listening heart flow from one heart to another, saying yes this thing called Life is grand.  As we reach out to one another, instantly Spirit is felt and our hearts open and we are healed. 

I’m deeply grateful and give thanks in knowing the truth of my spoken word which is now planted in the Law and with great expectation knowing greater good comes into being beyond our wildest imagination.

It is done and so it is….

Love, Love, Love…

Linda Martin is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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The Spiritual Practitioners of the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual now offer a Prayer Line. The phone number is 505-850-4857. You may leave a prayer request or, if you want to pray directly with a Practitioner, leave your name and number and a Practitioner will return your call between 8am and 9 p.m.

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We teach the Science of Mind, which is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the idea that we live in a Spiritual Universe; that God or Spirit is in, through, around  us; and that this Presence is a loving source of all Good.

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

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We recognize that an inherent desire in every individual is to realize the person God intended us to be. As we realize our true God selves, the greatest gift we can give another is to support him or her in becoming that God person too. 

Most important, every man, woman and child who lives in the Universe is significant to the Creator. Our doors will forever be open to all…