Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“The life you think you lead has been stitched together by fear, but the life you truly lead, that which is known by God, is fashioned and maintained by love.” ~ James F Twyman, The Nondual Universe

“The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.” From the Intro, A Course in Miracles

God is Love, Unconditional Love, Unending Support. Peace. Joy. Grace. Beauty.  I know that this Powerful Benevolence is beyond the trifles of fear, for God is all-encompassing.  Spirit is everywhere present.  Always.  Forever.  Constant.  Consistent.  Reliable.

And I know that the Truth of Being of this Divine Essence is tenacious Love.  Unstoppable.  Unfaltering.  Dependable.  True.  And so, I put aside worries.  I expel the fearful imaginings of a mind that has forgotten the truth and is foolishly relying on the strength of ego. Instead, I turn toward the light of the Almighty.  I trust.  I remember that God’s will is my will and that despite what my fearful mind may shout, I can find my way back to center simply by choosing Love. 

So, I rest in that choice.  Regardless of what I think I see, I remember Love.  I let go of judgment.  I release the silly idea that I somehow know better than God, and I choose again.  I refuse to be seduced by appearances.  If I am not seeing Oneness, I am seeing the life stitched together by fear.  You and I are one.  We are brothers/sisters that seem to be different yet at our centers are without opposites.  We are the life of God.  The beauty of being.  We are love. We don’t have to agree on everything, we only have to see beyond appearances to the God within.  Namaste.

How grateful I am to have been taught this.  How appreciative is the heart that returns to love, again and again, resting in the truth of God, doing His work by extending love even when the fearful mind would lure us into hatred.  I choose love and I am consoled in that choice.  Thank you, God.  I am forever grateful.

I release any impulse to try to control.  I step back and allow God to lead.  I laugh at my feeble efforts to change the Changeless nature of Love and allow God’s Changeless Nature to be my guiding light.  And so it is.  Amen.