Calling in the Unstoppable Light Force

Calling in the Unstoppable Light Force
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

In the hustle and the bustle, when it seems as if there is no time to catch my breath, I pause and enter the space of remembrance.  God is always present.  God is the Present Moment.  In between the rushing, and hectic-ness, Spirit lives and breathes and has Its being.  God is Stillness.  God is Faith.   It is Certainty.  God is All and that All is Goodness.  All is Love.  Its essence is Peace.

So I turn to that Essence.  I breathe into that Peace.  I crawl into the Glow that illuminates my heart when I pause to feel the Love that is always present, to allow the Light to lift me and turn me toward my Source.  I turn away from the doing and slip into the being.  I go to the place where my soul knows its connection to the Light and Love of God.  I allow myself to feel how I am like Her.  Do you feel it, too?  It’s not just me, it’s you.  You and I are like that Divine Energy I call God.  You and I, we are Her expressions, Her beautiful expressions of light. 

So recognizing this, I call in help.  I call in the Holy Spirit, that Unstoppable Light Force that turns all despair to gladness, all frustration to patience, all chaos to divine right order.  I call It in for us.  I round up the troops.  God’s assistance is here and now.  Whatever it takes to chase off craziness, it is here.  It is ours.  Anything we need.  Everything we need.  I shout to the heavens and the troops arrive.  God’s army of angels is here.  They are light beings.  They are for us.  All necessary elements, whatever they may be, line up in appreciation of being asked to help.  God’s peaceful certainty of rightness and goodness are there in response to the request.  I call on the Holy Spirit, I call in the Unstoppable Light Force and they drench my prayers in Light, in Goodness, and in Love.  The answer is always Light and Love. So shout with me.  Call in the troops.  God’s Unstoppable Light Force is here for us.  You need only ask.  You need only ask.

Let us give thanks, thanks for the Light Force; thanks that God always hears our prayers.  Give thanks that it takes but a single pause, a single moment of stillness to return to prayer, to return to allowing that which was always present to rush in and shower you with love.  Give thanks, heaven is here.  Give thanks, that it was always so.

Then I let it go.  I call it good, and I let it go.  I let the Love of God handle the details.  God’s assistance is forever, and it is here.  Now.   And So It Is. Thank you, Lord. Amen.