Cleaning Up the Garden of Our Thoughts 

Cleaning Up the Garden of Our Thoughts
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

As I feel the sun on my face, and appreciate the cleansing rain as it nurtures the earth, my thoughts turn to gardening.  Today, I spent some time on my property, trying to tame the weeds to allow the wildflowers to emerge.  And isn’t that much like what we do with our thoughts, doing our best to keep our “weed thoughts” to a minimum as we tend to the areas in our lives we wish to see blossom? 

And so, in this moment as I turn within to that Infinite Presence that surrounds and supports me, which today I call God, I am filled with anticipation of my never-ending good. I chip away or simply pull out to completely eradicate the thought weeds, as I envision instead the following.  I pull the weed of lack, to reveal abundance; the weed of discord becomes harmony; the weed of disease is shown to be a path to wholeness; and fear slips away as love is at the forefront of my consciousness.  Even the seeds of doubt are replaced by loving and nurturing thoughts of possibility, always available, always ready to show up in my life.  I know this to be my truth, and your truth, for we are all one in this beautiful, abundant, loving Life.  Thank you, dear sweet God, I am so very blessed.  And so it is.