Coming Home

Coming Home
by Greg Gardner, RScP

Coming home from my journey out into the world, I am grateful for this place of peace, understanding, compassion and Love.  If the journey has left me feeling bruised, I remember that Creator carries me in its loving hands in every moment of every day and night without fail.

Creator creates this place of safety and compassion always, and I have only to open myself to it in this moment.  I only need remember that the warmth, understanding, compassion and peace are always there in my own heart.  

It is my openness that allows this ever-present flow of loving understanding to flow into my life.  I create that openness right here, right now, and as I do so I feel the shutters to my heart open wide.

I feel that peace and compassion for all things begin to grow in my heart and fill my consciousness.

…and it is good.  It feels good this openness.  It feels good this peace.

Thank you Spirit.  Thank you Creator.

And so it is.