Condemnation and Health

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 Monday, July 9, 2012

The quote below is so true. Whenever I have had fear or have been upset and thought that this would affect my body it has. It can be by getting a cold or the flew or worse. Being as we cause all of our health issues we need to stop thinking about the problems as they will manifest. If we only think about being healthy or just knowing that we will always be healthy that, too, will manifest. As Ernest says just let God do what he does best and that is take care of us.


“The one whose thought continually rests upon his bodily condition will never be physically well. Nature has intelligently provided for the automatic functions of the body and the less the average person knows about his body, other than that it is harmonious, the healthier his body generally is. This is a fact which can easily be verified by observation. The one who knows little about how his food digests seldom has trouble with digestion. When we realize that digestion was, before we were aware of the fact, we shall see that the only thing hindering it is our attitude of condemnation toward it. This is true of every organ in the body. A perfectly well man never wonders whether his heart, or any other organ is working correctly, while the average invalid is conscious of everything that is wrong. The invalid should stop condemning his body, indeed, he should forget it entirely and, learning to live in a happy frame of mind, he will soon find that the physical instrument responds and becomes harmonious.”

“There is a law common to all people which responds to every man’s belief in life, at the level of that belief. No man can be happy who lives in a continuous state of condemnation of people, conditions and things. We must learn to praise and not condemn. We have no right to judge people.”

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