Divine Appointment

Divine Appointment
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

God is in the midst of this world I am looking at and living in. It is in this long-awaited freshness of morning and the beautiful bark of the pine tree outside my window. It is the very Life that fills the lungs of my sweet dog as I watch his chest expand with every life-giving inhalation and collapse with each exhale. Precious Spirit is in all this. And I turn my attention now to remember that God is also in the middle of our environmental changes, in the heart of all our political leaders, and at the center of our current social climate.

God is everywhere. I sit today in the liminal space of this transitioning moment in time, across all of eternity and lean into my faith. There is no certainty here and yet I am pulled from within to continue to do my work of deepening, learning, praying and stepping forward in action – as I am called to do. I trust that the same vibration at the heart of the deep love I feel when I look into my wife’s eyes reverberates in the silent and painful walk of the immigrant seeking food, safety and shelter. None of this is by accident, but part of something bigger that I cannot understand. So, I pray. I love. I surrender. I listen for my call to action.

We are all here by Divine appointment.

And so it is.